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Some minor dental fractures and small areas of chipped tooth enamel cause little to no distress. However, some of these cases can come dangerously close to affecting the sensitive dentin or pulp within a tooth. This can cause significant tooth sensitivity.

In a scenario like this, the wisest course of action is to seek professional treatment from our dentist Dr. Coley Ramsey. The size, severity and location of the chip will largely influence the treatment plan he presents. Sometimes a minor dental fracture can be addressed with a dental filling or cosmetic bonding treatment. This is more applicable if the compromised area of tooth enamel doesn’t affect the biting surface of the tooth.

A more significant dental fracture might require Dr.Ramsey to restore the tooth with a dental crown. This mode of treatment will effectively replace the entire tooth enamel layer with a substance like porcelain, metal, or gold.

If you live in the Smyrna, Tennessee, area and have a tooth with a chip or more significant dental fracture, you should call 615-459-6354 to have it treated and repaired at Next Level Dental.