Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

Posted by DR. RAMSEY on Nov 29 2021, 04:38 AM

Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

Certain actions, such as brushing, eating, and drinking, may cause severe momentary discomfort if you have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is most commonly caused by worn-down enamel or exposed tooth roots. Other causes of dental discomfort include cavities, a crack in your tooth, a worn filling, or gum disease.

If you have sensitive teeth, contact Next Level Dental in Smyrna, Tennessee. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Ramsey, will be able to discover or rule out any underlying reasons for your tooth sensitivity and provide you with the best treatment possible.

Causes for Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth cause oral pain and discomfort, making it difficult for you to focus on your daily routine and life. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Sensitive teeth occur as a result of your enamel and gums protecting your teeth from any hostile environment.
  • Sensitive teeth are caused by using a harsh toothbrush. The harsh bristles of your toothbrush can damage the gums and enamel of your teeth, causing sensitivity.
  • Acidic foods may be the source of sensitive teeth.
  • Consuming too many hot foods may induce tooth sensitivity.
  • The most common cause that people are unable to control is teeth grinding at night. This behavior can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment may be recommended by your dentist to strengthen your tooth enamel. A prescription-strength fluoride paste and a fluoride rinse may also be an option.

Dietary Changes

Eliminating dental sensitivity may require dietary changes in addition to fluoride treatments. This includes limiting your intake of acidic foods, which can erode tooth enamel.

Improved Brushing Habits

Changing the way you brush your teeth can also help reduce tooth sensitivity. Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush instead of a hard-bristled toothbrush, and don't brush too vigorously.

Wear a Night Guard

A night guard keeps your teeth from being damaged if you have bruxism. If your enamel is worn, your doctor may also advise you to use fluoride treatments or a fluoride paste to strengthen it.

Dental Procedures

Tooth sensitivity can also be relieved through dental procedures. For exposed nerve endings, your dentist may apply a special resin that covers the exposed dentin to relieve your pain. If you have gum disease, a surgical gum transplant can also protect or conceal exposed roots.

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