Diabetes and Your Dental Health

If you are someone with diabetes, you know that you have to pay close attention to your blood sugar levels and that you need to monitor other aspects of your health. But have you made your dentist a part of your healthcare team? Your diabetes can have a serious impact... Read more »

Oral Health Care for Halloween: Caring for your teeth

Are you caring for your teeth in preparation for the holidays seasons to come? As the Halloween season comes around once more, keep your teeth and gums in great shape by practicing effective oral health care approaches such as brushing and flossing daily. For additional care, visit us at Next... Read more »

The Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have been used for hundreds of years, and with good reason. The design has certainly improved over the years, however. If you have a damaged tooth, consider the following advantages that modern-day crowns can provide you: - Dental crowns are so effective at restoring damaged teeth that they... Read more »

How We Use Hard and Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

We’re honored to offer our patients at Next Level Dental in Smyrna, Tennessee, procedures utilizing dental lasers. Dental lasers are advanced instruments that work in addition to or replace traditional devices, and they have multiple positive side effects that traditional tools don’t. We’ve assembled the following list of oral laser... Read more »

Improve Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are good. Things can happen to your smile over the course of a lifetime that can leave it chipped or discolored, or leave your teeth crooked. If your smile is looking a little rough, why not ask our dentist, Dr.... Read more »

Why You Should Not Procrastinate Dental Treatment

It’s time for your 6-month exam and dental cleaning. However, you’re juggling things like work, time with family, and your child’s big game. Maybe you can put off your appointment by a month or two. There’s nothing wrong with that…is there? The Cons of Putting Off Dental Treatment You may... Read more »

Take Your Oral Health Care to New Heights with Dentures

Are you ready for a full smile once more? Have you considered taking the time to see if dentures are the service you need to fill in gaps in your smile? To learn more about taking your oral health care to new heights with dentures, check out the following: -... Read more »

Things That Cause Bad Breath

Did you know that there may be many reasons why you have bad breath? Well, it’s true! Our team here at Next Level Dental in Smyrna, Tennessee, wants to help you with your bad breath, which is why we are happy to talk to you about the causes. There are... Read more »

Save Your Smile with a Laser Dentistry Treatment

Not all smiles require extensive repairs, but if they do, laser dentistry may be able to assist you. Thanks to the precision of lasers, they have been regularly used in a variety of dental procedures since the early 1990s. Depending on your oral health care needs, lasers can prepare your... Read more »

Are MTM® Clear Aligners Right for Your Smile?

If your front teeth are crooked, but not the rest of your smile, and you want to straighten them, you might want to consider using the MTM® Clear Aligner system. Our Next Level Dental team can straighten your smile with these innovative aligners. Dr. Coley Ramsey and our team in Smyrna,... Read more »