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One of the most highly effective prevention methods a person can use to keep their smile safe is a mouth guard. Although brushing and flossing are highly effective treatments for the removal of plaque buildup and harmful bacteria, oral accidents and injuries must be prevented and treated with other methods. To keep your smile safe, consider is the use of a mouth guard.

If you’re looking for a custom mouth guard to improve your smile, the two best options are custom-made guards made by your dentist and boil-and-bite mouth guards. A custom-made mouth guard is designed to contour to your exact dental profile. When boil-and-bite mouth guards are dipped in water and then bitten into, it will form your exact dental impression. Another option is a stock mouthguard, which isn’t customized and can often be bulky and difficult to breathe with. However, they do come preformed and are ready to wear.

Once you have selected your mouth guard, it is important to care for it, so it can continue to function properly. Always make sure your mouth guard is cleaned so it will not be contaminated with bacteria. Ideally, you should clean your mouth guard with cool soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Never set your mouth guard in the sun, hot water, or leave it lying around where family pets can get ahold of it. Furthermore, if your mouth guard ever begins to wear down, seek out a replacement.

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