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Not all smiles require extensive repairs, but if they do, laser dentistry may be able to assist you. Thanks to the precision of lasers, they have been regularly used in a variety of dental procedures since the early 1990s. Depending on your oral health care needs, lasers can prepare your teeth for extensive treatments, or even assist in the whitening of your teeth.

If you are in need of an extensive dental treatment such as a dental filling or root canal, lasers can be used to ensure your teeth are well-prepared for the services to come. Lasers can clean out decay or remove excess gum tissue to ensure that the root canal therapy or the filling will be done safe, efficiently, and effectively.

Laser dentistry can also perform menial tasks such as the removal of canker sores or lesions, as well as the removal of small amounts of gum tissue for oral cancer biopsies. Lasers also act as a light source, and provide many uses in professional teeth whitening systems, specifically as a light source to activate gels that seek to remove deep stains and discolorations.

Our team at Next Level Dental specializes in a variety of laser dentistry procedures to suit all your needs. If you would like an oral exam from Dr. Coley Ramsey, please book an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Smyrna, Tennessee. We can be reached at 615-459-6354. We are here to help you get the healthy smile of your dreams!