Dental Crowns in Smyrna, TN

Dental Crowns in Smyrna, TN

Dental crowns, commonly known as "caps," restore the functionality of injured teeth. This typical dental treatment can be used to protect a damaged tooth, restore functionality to a tooth with extensive decay, or replace a pre-existing crown. It uses a custom-designed material to encapsulate a needy tooth. Dentists today have a choice of conservative treatment options for restoring teeth. If at all possible, these alternatives should be investigated and considered before deciding on a full-coverage crown. Next Level Dental, P.C. in Smyrna, TN, provides safe and effective treatment, including dental crowns that look and feel as natural as possible.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that your dentist places over a tooth to replace the natural tooth crown. Dental crowns are permanently cemented onto teeth that have cracks, fractures, or are extremely decaying. The dental crown restores the tooth's original shape, size, and function.

When Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

The primary goal of a dental crown is to restore the functioning, form, strength, and size of a broken tooth while also improving its looks.

  • To safeguard a tooth from future wear and damage
  • To protect a fractured tooth
  • To repair worn-down teeth
  • To make cosmetic changes
  • To complete a dental implant

Dental Crown Procedure

We will prepare the tooth for the crown at the initial appointment. This may entail eliminating cavities or modifying the tooth to ensure its health before placing a cap on it. We must also ensure that it is designed such that the crown fits comfortably. After we have properly prepped the tooth, we will take imprints of your mouth and send them to our lab for manufacturing. The color and contour of your existing teeth will be matched to the dental crown.

Until your final restoration is ready, we will place a temporary cap on your tooth. This allows you to use your teeth more effectively, but you should take caution when chewing hard or sticky foods.

When the crown is complete, we will clean the tooth and make any final preparations, including filing the tooth down if necessary, during the next appointment. After the permanent crown is put, it is examined to ensure that it fits properly. Once we are satisfied with the fit, we will permanently connect the crown to the tooth, restoring complete function to your teeth.

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