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Are you aware of what dental erosion is? Dental erosion, also called enamel erosion, happens when acids wear away the tooth enamel that seeks to protect your teeth. This can be caused by numerous risk factors. However, by employing an effective oral hygiene routine and a healthy diet can you can help lower your risk of dental erosion.

Numerous risk factors are associated with dental erosion. Dental erosion arises when harmful acids exist in your mouth and chew through your tooth enamel. Even though your tooth enamel is a hard layer designed to protect your teeth, it is often no match for acids in your mouth. For this reason, you should avoid the causes and risk factors that can promote dental erosion. This includes medications that can produce dry mouth as a side effect and the excessive consumption of sugary sweets and starchy treats. In addition, acid reflux disease is also a known cause of dental erosion.

Sugars and starches contribute to dental erosion because they are converted into harmful acids within your mouth. This is typically accomplished by plaque buildup and bacteria to use these products as they see fit. To help neutralize the effects of plaque and harmful acids, be sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis. Furthermore, saliva production is essential for preventing dental erosion. You can help reduce additional saliva by chewing sugarless gum after meals. Saliva is a naturally occurring substance which will help wash away food debris, neutralize harmful acids, and provide additional defenses for your teeth and gums.

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