All About Dentures

All About Dentures

Posted by Dr. Ramsey on May 16 2021, 11:37 PM

All About Dentures

Tooth loss is a common concern among individuals of all ages. In younger and mid-aged adults, the cause of tooth loss could be external trauma to the mouth, severe tooth decay, malocclusion, etc. But, in aged individuals, tooth loss predominantly occurs due to a deteriorating jawbone, aging, or poor oral health. When the number of missing teeth is higher, it is suggested to choose dentures rather than other alternatives, such as dental implants or bridges.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are oral prostheses used to restore a large number of missing teeth. They are custom-fabricated to match the exact facial aesthetics of patients, making the dentures seem almost indistinguishable. Even when you talk or smile, anyone who looks at your prosthetic teeth wouldn't be able to spot the difference. Such is the visual detail we provide to every single set of dentures at Next Level Dental.

Dentures are made from acrylic and ceramic. The teeth-like structures are made from dental-grade ceramic as it offers excellent strength, durability, and customizability. Acrylic forms the surrounding structure that acts as the base for the dentures. It appears as the gum tissues holding the teeth and can be customized as required.

What Are The Types Of Dentures?

  • Conventional Dentures:Conventional metal dentures are fabricated in a dental laboratory after taking precise measurements and scans of the mouth. They are usually fabricated in a couple of weeks after the initial consultation. These dentures often replace all the teeth in the mouth.
  • Partial Dentures:Partial dentures replace only a few selected teeth as required. They are backed by a metal framework that holds the prosthetic teeth together and prevents any change in the shape of the dentures. The prosthetic teeth sit adjacent to the existing natural teeth in the mouth, thereby restoring your smile completely.
  • Immediate Dentures:As the name suggests, the dentist provides immediate dentures on the same day of the initial consultation. We will scan the mouth to make a digital impression which will be used as a reference for fabricating the dentures in our office within a couple of hours. The existing teeth will be removed, and the dentures will be placed in the mouth. The wounds will be allowed to heal under the dentures.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: These dentures are held firmly in position by dental implants placed in the jawbone. The dentures would have slots underneath them where the implant studs would fit. They would prevent jawbone deterioration and also give the prostheses the necessary stability.

Why Should You Choose Dentures?

  • Dentures are a one-stop solution for replacing multiple missing teeth
  • They are custom fabricated as required to give you a perfect fit that keeps them from getting displaced in the mouth
  • Dentures restore both oral functionality and aesthetics
  • They are removable
  • Maintaining dentures is quite easy
  • The materials used to make them are strong and durable, offering an impressive lifespan

Please do schedule a consultation with our highly trained team of dental experts at Next level Dental, 693 President Pl #101, Smyrna, TN 37167, and we'll guide you further. Please call us at (615) 459-6354 or reach us through online consultation.

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