Migraine Treatment in Smyrna, TN

Migraine Treatment in Smyrna, TN

Migraines are a form of headache that occurs regularly. They generate throbbing or pulsing pain that ranges from moderate to severe. Other symptoms, such as nausea and weakness, may also occur. You may be light and sound sensitive. If you suffer from migraines and want to live a pain-free life, we encourage you to visit Next Level Dental in Smyrna, Tennessee to learn more about our migraine treatments.

Types of Migraines

Migraines are classified into numerous types. Migraine with aura (commonly known as a classic migraine) and migraine without aura are the most prevalent (or common migraine).

Other types are as follows:

Menstrual Migraine

Menstrual migraine This occurs when a woman's period is associated with a headache.

Migraine with Brainstem Aura

Before the headache, you may have dizziness, confusion, or lack of balance. The pain could radiate to the back of your skull. These symptoms usually appear suddenly and can be accompanied by difficulty speaking, ringing in the ears, and vomiting. 

Ophthalmoplegic Migraine

This causes pain around your eye as well as paralysis of the muscles surrounding it. Because the symptoms can potentially be caused by pressure on the nerves behind the eye or an aneurysm, this is a medical emergency.

Hemiplegic Migraine

You have temporary paralysis or weakness on one side of your body. You may also experience numbness, disorientation, or changes in your vision. These symptoms could be signals of a stroke, so get medical attention immediately.

What Is the Treatment for Migraines?

Migraines do not have a cure. The treatment focuses on symptom relief and preventing further attacks. There are various medications available to alleviate symptoms. Other things you can do to feel better include:

  • Close your eyes and relax in a calm, darkened area.
  • Applying a cool towel or an ice pack to your brow
  • Drinking lots of fluids

You can prevent migraines by making the following lifestyle changes:

  • Keep a record of what seems to set off your migraines. You can find out what foods and medications you should avoid. It will also assist you in determining what you should do, such as maintaining a constant sleep routine and eating regular meals.
  • Hormone therapy may be beneficial for some women whose migraines appear to be related to their menstrual cycle.
  • Losing weight may also be beneficial if you have obesity.

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